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Scope of marketing jobs in India

18 Mar

Scope of marketing jobs in India

Online Course Certificate in Marketing has recently become the most sought-after degree by both students and the corporate world. This course gives a walkthrough of the fundamental approaches to understanding markets and portfolios of product offerings. Some of the key attributes of this module contain identifying target markets, market observation, and product development through well-defined learning modes. 


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Let’s check out the leading career options in marketing.


  1. Sales Manager: The responsibility of a sales manager is to lead and guide a team of salespeople in an organization. They set sales targets, build a sales plan, analyze data, provide sales training, assign sales territories, mentor the members of his/her sales team and are involved in the hiring and firing process of the organization as well.

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2.Brand Manager: Brand building and promotion are one of the most critical aspects of marketing. They are accountable for activities like advertising, media engagement, sales promotions, display of the brand at the target places etc. and this is a very dynamic field unlike sales, which may get monotonous and hectic at times. In simple words, it is a brand manager’s responsibility to create a positive image of the product among the audience. Being a brand manager will keep one on their toes and allow them to earn attractive incentives.

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  1. Market Research Analysis: A market research analyst can work in diverse industry verticals such as media, retail, entertainment, FMCG etc. In this role, one has to study the present market and patterns and work as per the ongoing trends. Here, one must create marketing strategies and design various surveys and research methodologies to gather information. It is most suitable for those with an analytical mindset and interest in research.

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  1. Public Relations Manager: The primary role of a public relation manager is to manage the information between the organization and the Public. They must shield and enhance the organization’s name through judicious media use. They have to analyze the organization’s background and culture and ensure that no doubts about it prevail among the people. A PR manager has to switch between multiple projects at the same time frequently. Unschool is offering online course certification in Public Relations. 


  1. Digital Marketing: It is the most valuable career option for students with Digital Marketing Certificate in Marketing. It has a constant purpose as traditional selling; however, the approach here is progressive. The varied things that come under digital marketing include Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Pay-Per-Click (PPC), Social Media Marketing (SMM), Web Content Writing, and so on. Digital Marketing is suitable for those with an eye for technological growth in marketing. With technological advancement, digital promoting is making a massive difference in promoting businesses with the help of various free/paid digital tools available on the web.


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