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Spy on your kids calls by Hidden call Recorder App

31 May

Spy on your kids calls by Hidden call Recorder App

We see the parents are also addicted to their phones and receive phone calls in a frequent manner so why it is necessary to monitor kids calls. The answer to this question will be like kids nowadays are open-minded as compared to the old generation and they lack responsibility and are not prepared for their adulthood. The development of technology and negativities are the main things which are pushing the parents to spy on their kids with the help of a hidden call recorder app. 

The advancement of technology is forcing the kids to attract towards the path of loneliness. The technological advancement has pushed all the kids to get addicted to their smartphones and it is mainly seen that kids are actively participating in social media activities without noticing the fact that it can be harmful to them. Kids may spend their lot of time chatting with their acquaintances but for major discussions, they prefer phone calls. In order to track their daily conversation, it is necessary to monitor the calls through a hidden call recorder app

Kids getting addicted to phone calls

It is majorly seen that kids are more addicted to social media apps but at the same time, they are always seen on calls with their friends or classmates or the person which are not known by the parents. Kids get connected to many strangers with a social media platform and because they are more open-minded than before they easily exchange their contact numbers with them to have an easy connection with those strangers. A large fraction of the population which includes 50% of teens are seen to always on call. For this reason, a parent should install a hidden call recorder app on their kid’s phone. 

Features that a hidden call recorder should possess

A hidden call recorder should possess some of that important feature which should enable a parent to have complete monitoring details over their control panel. A control panel should provide you a digital parental control over your kid’s smartphones. The ideal features which should be there in your hidden call recorder app should be:

  1. Access over the contacts: Through a control panel provided by hidden call recorder app it should have a contact tracker which will give you all the necessary details like name and number and time of saving the contact in your kid’s mobile phone after installation of the app. 
  2. Call Logs and Hidden Call Recorder: The Call log feature of the Hidden call recorder app will send you all the information about the direction of the calls and the duration with their timestamp. By accessing the call logs you can have a graph of frequently connected contacts and also the access to the numbers who are connecting with your child frequently. Call recorder will help you to listen to each and every conversation done by your child. As your kid is interacting with strangers it is necessary that you should be ensured if your kid is having a healthy conversation or if the conversation is taking the wrong turn. 
  3. WhatsApp Chats and Calls: The chats done from WhatsApp and calls made from these are also provided by the call recorder and is sent to your control panel. The hidden call recorder provides you the access over all the details of chats and messages sent and received by your child. Calls with their number and contact name are also visible on your panel but the hidden call recorder would not record the calls made by WhatsApp
  4. Skype and IMO conversation: As Skype and IMO are made for video calls it also allows you to chat with your contacts. Chats done through Skype and IMO will be accessible over your platform with the help of hidden call recorder app.
  5. Screenshots: The hidden call recorder app allows you to take a screenshot of the target mobile screen. As you can track the video calls this feature is very important for the surveillance of the video calls. If you see your kid you on a video call you can directly give the command of taking a screenshot from the target device so that you can get an idea of the person on the other side of the screen with the help of hidden spy for Android.
  6. Photos: If you are feeling to take the photo of your kid’s surroundings or track the activity of your kid you can remotely access the camera of your kid’s phone through hidden call recorder app by which you will have an idea of your kid’s surroundings or what he/she is up with right now.
  7. Location Tracker: The location feature of hidden call recorder app will provide you a map link which will be helpful for you to access the location of your kid. With the help of the link provided by the hidden spy for Android, it will be helpful for you to get a clear idea about your kid’s location.
  8. Surround sound Recording: The surround sound recording feature helps you to remotely access the MIC of your target phone which will record all the surround sounds and will easily give you an idea of the conversation done by your kid. 


ONESPY Hidden call recorder 

With ONESPY the hidden call recorder for Android will be the best-suited app in order to monitor the working of your kid. You will be able to easily monitor overall applications. Considering various chat platforms it is not an easy task for the parent to look after each and every applications and message with all hiding features which your kid can use to hide something from you. Hidden call recorder spy app will send you the directory of all those chats which are saved even in Archive folder of your child’s WhatsApp or Facebook messenger. No matter If your child deletes the chat you will receive a notification through Call recorder app as and when a messages is received on your child’s phone and if its connected to the internet at that time. 

You could just download the app from onespy.in and can look upon every feature, which the app possesses. You can choose from a variety of subscriptions offered by the app with its different features.

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