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Steps to Write An Online Internship CV

08 Feb

Steps to Write An Online Internship CV

Writing a resume for a work-from-home internship can be tough. First impressions matter and your CV is your introduction to the companies you want to gain experience with. 

Due to the many applications for each position, recruiters and hiring managers typically invest at least seven seconds in one resume. Therefore, as a candidate, it’s your duty to devise ways to catch the attention of those reading your resume in those seven seconds.

Now you’re probably wondering, how can you do that? Let us answer that for you. 


For Online Internship programs, we have worked with many interns and host companies, and now we have developed the 6-step guide to writing the best internship resume. 


6-Step Guide to Write For Work from Home Internship Resume

It’s common for students to have little experience to put on their resumes. However, when strategically planned, even a little of what you have can create a fantastic resume.

From coming up with sections to list on your resume to editing it to impress the hiring recruiter. Follow how to create an attractive resume for an online internship from scratch:


Step 1: Choose the Best Resume Structure

An internship resume does two things well: it contains all the necessary sections and has an organised structure. 

Well, let’s discuss the necessary sections next, but before filling out the bulk of your resume, it’s essential to set your structure. A resume for an online internship can be organised in the following order:

  • Header- contact information
  • Resume objective- summary about yourself and what you are looking for
  • Education- Highlights of your academic performance
  • Work experience- It can be a job or a work-from-home internship
  • Skills –list your more relevant abilities
  • References (if applicable)

In addition to the above, your resume for unpaid or paid internships will undoubtedly be expanded by other details, including interests, certifications, and more.


Step 2: Start with the Header

A header typically contains your contact information and your CV’s objective.

So, start by adding your personal details and contact information. At the top, list your name, contact number, email address, and links to your website or LinkedIn profile.

Make sure your email address is professional. If you are willing to enter the corporate world, you must start behaving professionally, so start with your CV now. Moreover, hiring managers will not approve your high school email address.

Next, add a captivating resume, opening statement, or goal. This section is your opportunity to catch the reader’s attention and invite them to read more. Strive for 2-3 sentences and include your:

  • Field of study
  • Relevant Skills and experiences
  • Why are you applying for this specific online internship 


Step 3: Highlight Your Education

You are most likely writing for an unpaid or paid internship as a high school or college student/graduate with little or no work experience. In this circumstance, the education section will be the heart of your resume. 

That’s why every graduate must include the following points in the education section of an internship resume:

  • Name of school or college/university
  • Details of your domain
  • Relevant coursework 
  • Dean’s list awards (if any)
  • Any extracurricular activities you have participated in
  • Grades or your GPA 

Here, you need to be careful when listing everything.


Step 4: Excellent Alternatives of Work Experience

You may feel like you don’t have any work experience to list. Still, you can highlight ample alternative experiences in their place to display your commitment to development. Therefore, highlighting these experiences in your CV may just be the difference between you and another shortlisted candidate.


Step 5: List Your Skills

Employers may look for unique skills, so make sure these are tailored for each internship position.

The best way to do it is: to make a master list with examples of skills you possess. You can also create different sections of soft and hard skills. 

Once done, this master list will be the baseline from which you can select the most important skills when altering your resume for different internship positions. 

Moreover, sprinkle those you are most confident in throughout your resume for work from a home internship. You can include some in your education, experience, and even resume objective sections.


Step 6: Miscellaneous: Extra Section for Maximum Impact

With little or no work experience, your resume for an online internship program can look light. If this is true for you, then you can consider adding these various sections:

  • Languages
  • Hobbies and interests
  • Online Course Certifications

However, having a one-page, brief, simple resume is often appreciated. Refrain from filling your resume with bluff, and make sure only to add specific details.

Proofread and Look for Structural or Grammatical Errors 

Whether using Canvas or Grammarly, proofread it to spot and correct any spelling or grammatical errors. Ensure sentences are making sense.


Time To Find an Online Internship

By now, you should know how to write an internship resume that makes an impactful first impression and lands you an interview.

But what if we tell you there’s a shortcut to landing a work-from-home internship completely customised to your career goals and interests without the hassle of searching, finding, and applying for hundreds of positions yourself?

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