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Things About Mobile Spy Software Parents and Bosses Must Know

14 Feb

Things About Mobile Spy Software Parents and Bosses Must Know

Mobile spy software is all that the parents of young children and the bosses of unfaithful employees are looking for. It is the one-stop solution for parental control and employee monitoring issues all around the world. For all those who are still unaware of what is mobile spy software and how it can be helpful to you, kindly continue reading.

What is a Mobile Spy Software?

Mobile spy software is an application that was developed long back to spy on smartphones remotely. it can track all activities of a mobile phone without having the phone physically and without letting the owner of the phone know about it. There are several mobile spy apps in the market at the current time. One is coming up daily to acquire the spying industry as there is apparent growth and demand in the field. Though numerous spy mobile apps are doing well, ONEMONITAR mobile spy software is still leading the spying industry because of its reliable services and features.

How can ONEMONITAR mobile spy software be helpful to you?

The demand for a mobile tracker app is gradually increasing because cell phones have left people with no other relevant option. The excessive use of smartphones and children getting addicted to them have provoked people to want to peep into their cell phones more and get to know about all that is happening in each other’s lives. Hence, ONEMONITAR mobile spy app has brought this solution for parents and employers, especially who can now with the help of the best mobile spy software track all the activities of their kid’s and employees’ smartphones respectively. 

If you are looking for a tool or an app that can help you in keeping your kids in control then ONEMONITAR mobile spy software is the right choice for you. You can know about each of your kid’s activities remotely by tracking their mobile phone. it will not only keep you updated about their personal life but will also allow you to safeguard them secretly. A lot of cases and crimes are taking place through the medium of cell phones and the victims are usually young children. You can avoid any misfortune by knowing everything well in advance. Thus, ONEMONITAR mobile spy software can be really helpful to you to make sure your kids are safe and in the right company.

ONEMONITAR mobile spy software can also be helpful to you if you want to monitor the employees of your company without letting them know to get updates on all their activities in the workplace. This will save the company from any loss which can be occurred if any employee of the company decides to go against and leak the confidential data of the company to the rivals. Also, this will notify the employers about the worth of each employee, his time utilization, his dedication towards the work, and his real intentions. Hence, ONEMONITAR can help the employers of the company and increase the productivity of the company. 

Now is the time to know about 7 off-beat things about mobile spy software which must be known by parents and bosses to make the proper and profitable use of the best mobile spy app.

1.    It is in-house developed in India and is 100% original and legal

This is one quality of ONEMONITAR mobile spy software which keeps it distinct from all other mobile spy apps in India. ONEMONITAR is in-house developed in India by a sole developer in India making it more reliable and sincere towards its customer. Most of the spy apps are either 3rd party apps reselling in the name of some brand or are from outside India. ONEMONITAR has its administration based in India itself. It is registered with the Ministry of Corporate Affairs and hence nullifies all the suspicions and doubts emerging in the minds of the people. 

A lot of people have this perception that ONEMONITAR mobile spy software is more like a hacking app, but the fact of the matter is that all the spying services provided by ONEMONITAR are fully certified and legal. Unlike hacking apps which are illegal in all manners and lack any certification or guarantee of any sort.

2.    It is easy to access and can be installed instantly on the target phone

Most of the spying apps are rather complex in their mechanism or involve a lot of technical knowledge but ONEMONITAR mobile spy software is absolutely basic in its use and can be easily accessed by anyone irrespective of the technical knowledge that he/she possesses. Like any other application on your smartphone, ONEMONITAR can also be accessed remotely on your device after a simple installation of the mobile spy app on the target phone. 

With a simple three-step process, a secured internet connection, and 5 minutes of your time, you can get the best mobile tracker app on the target phone. Though the installation process is really simple and you can refer to the Installation Guide for the same to understand and process it better, in case you have any queries regarding it, you can anytime contact the customer support team of ONESPY. 

3.    It is compatible with all major Android phones

There are more than 2 billion active Android phone users every month according to Google, and the data is reliable because almost 80% of users of smartphones own an Android version only. People have gone havoc with android phones and that is why ONEMONITAR expects your kids and employees to own the same version. 

ONEMONITAR mobile spy software provides its services for all major Android phones which are acquiring the most android phone, users. All phones with an Android version 4.1 and above are liable to support the best mobile spy software for android. ONEMONITAR recommends some best-supporting android phones such as Samsung Galaxy S8 & S8+, Samsung Galaxy Note 8, Samsung Galaxy A/J Series, Motorola G4, G4 Plus & G5, Motorola Z & Z Play, OnePlus 1, 2, 3, 3T, 4, 5 & 5T

4.    It comes with an undeletable feature and can be transferred to any device as many as times

ONEMONITAR mobile spy software comes with a distinct feature that allows you to opt for a subscription which comes with an undeletable feature. Once, you enroll in that subscription, the mobile spy software will never be deleted from the target phone no matter how many times you try to reset his phone or take his phone for a factory reset. 

This is common that your kids or employees may try to reset their phone or delete the complete data of the phone when the phones get filled with a lot of storage, ONEMONITAR mobile spy software will not get deleted in such cases as well. You can access it with no worries at all and this also reduces the headache of installing it again and again on the phone. For people who do not wish to go for the undeletable subscription can get the feature of transferring the mobile spy software to any device as many as times they want. 

5.    It offers more than 30 features to track all applications of a mobile phone

The most important point that the user must know about ONEMONITAR is that it has the maximum number of features as compared to any other spy mobile app in the market. It offers more than 30 features that can track almost every application of an android mobile phone without letting the person know about it. the features are mostly the applications that are most frequently used by the general people such as-

  • Spy Call Logs

  • Spy Contacts

  • Spy Call Recordings

  • Track GPS location

  • Spy WhatsApp Chats

  • Track Installed Applications

  • Spy Facebook Messenger

  • Spy Google Mails

  • And many more.

Though the list of features is quite long and comprises every demanded application of an android phone, the above-mentioned are the commonly used applications that contain maximum data and might be used by your kids or employees as well. All the tracked data and information of the target phone is shown on the online control panel of the ONEMONITAR account which can be login by you on your device on any internet browser. You can a demo of every feature and its demonstration on the website. 

6.    It is a completely hidden application and is untraceable

Most people are in the dilemma that whether or not ONEMONITAR mobile spy software is visible on the screen of the target Android phone. the answer is that ONEMONITAR is a completely hidden application that works as a background app on the phone and has no icon or notification on the phone. It cannot be traced by anyone no matter how hard the person tries. This is what makes it unique and distinguished. 

7.    It has three main packages which are highly cost-effective

People generally spend a lot of money on tracking and spying services without any guarantee, reliability, or legitimacy of the application. ONEMONITAR mobile spy software is cost-effective and charges a nominal cost for a service of an entire month. 

ONEMONITAR mainly comes with three packages which are packed with different features according to its preference and price. The three packages are Standard, Premium, and Ultra. You can upgrade your subscription according to your requirements and will. 

You can get up to 35% off on all the packages of mobile spy software if you install the app now. To avail of more such offers and discounts visit the website.

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