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Things to Do When Laid Off from Work

11 Feb

Things to Do When Laid Off from Work

Being laid off from a job happens to most of us sooner or later. It’s not a reflection on you; it’s a fact of modern life.

That definitely doesn’t mean it’s painless. Suddenly there’s less certainty in your financial life, and your routines and relationships are gone. You may feel angry, hurt, and miserable all at once. At the same time, there is a way to come back to the corporate world through online course certifications or internships. These will help you to cover your layoff and impress the employer. 

Before that, let’s see what things should be taken care of when you get laid off. 


First things first after lay off

  • Ensure you receive a layoff letter, which can help prove you weren’t fired.
  • If you’ve been offered a severance package, don’t sign anything immediately. Go home, cool off, and sleep on it. Decide whether you’ll make an effort to negotiate any part of the package.
  • File for unemployment insurance.
  • Assess your budget. How long can you comfortably go without a salary? Should you trim your spending a bit? Getting clear on your finances can help reduce the stress of fearing the unknown.
  • Talk it out with the right people.
  • Ask for references and LinkedIn networks.
  • Take time off for rest and recreation.
  • Understand that this layoff may turn out to be a blessing in disguise. 

Update your knowledge with online certificate programs before job search

First, assess what you’re seeking in your next role. What have you enjoyed learning from your previous company, and how do you want to update your knowledge via online course certifications? This is a good time for career reflection.

Getting a new job may be easy, and it may happen fast or it may not. But the safest route is to enroll for an online course and get started seriously within a few weeks.


Update Your Resume and Cover Letter

After completing your online certificate program, update your resume, cover letter, LinkedIn profile, or other marketing materials. Remember, don’t wait until you “need it as soon as possible.” Good resume writers are in demand and often aren’t available to start right away. Hence updating your resume with current experiences gives a good impression on the employer. 

You can talk about the layoff but in a positive manner. You can align your online course certification with the present job vacancy. This will help you to land the job easily.


Handle LinkedIn the Right Way

On LinkedIn, don’t be in a hurry to add an ending date to the job you’re leaving; rather, add “Open to Work” frame on your profile photo. Many qualities about you may attract future employers; being unemployed isn’t one of them, so why stress that? Realize that even when you don’t have a job, you still have a profession. There are skillful ways to showcase your professional identity.

Get Ready for Interviews

An interview can come at any time, so prepare well in advance. “Winging it” is rarely a successful strategy. 

You have already encountered many interviews and you have become PRO. So do not forget to study about the company and leave your last impression.

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