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Things you should do or not do in your online internship

20 Jan

Things you should do or not do in your online internship

Work-from-home internships are one of the most transformational experiences of an individual’s life. As soon as you finish, the first thing you’re bombarded with is preparing for your placement. Now, if you’re lucky enough to crack a top recruiter’s selection process, you can spend your time and energy on several things. Still, if you follow the following tips, we guarantee you will become industry ready.


Background Research is important

If the company has selected you for their online internship from among hundreds of applicants, you’re awesome, right? Doing a background study on the company is vital. What could you gain by reading about the industry, business model, and company competitors where you’re going to spend the next eight weeks. But it is very important! Relax and be attentive in the meetings and show your willingness to learn. Please don’t make them regret selecting you.


Is discipline needed?

You haven’t joined the army, have you? After your punishing schedule at college, the unpaid or paid internship is quite obviously an opportunity to chill and relax. Please make the most of it. Sometimes it’s perfectly okay to miss deadlines. But do not make it a habit.


Do not stay away from all initiatives!

Initiative? What is that? Don’t ever forget that the online internship program is primarily an opportunity for you to explore the new city. As for the project in college, you’ve always managed to scrape a presentation on the last night! But the internship is the version of the corporate world. So do take the initiative to show your potential and ask for help from your mentors. 



They chose YOU for the unpaid or paid online internship, didn’t they? Obviously, you have the best from the other interns. An internship gives you a platform to build a network; make sure you make it. Getting suggestions from experienced networks is like a blessing for you.



Your mentor is experienced, so take help from him as much as possible. Even if you’re not clear about your project, its timeline, and deliverables, DO APPROACH HIM. Make sure the distance between you two is less than between a finance guy and Kotler’s textbook. Doing an online internship under his guidance will help you to earn the skills required for the domain. 


Curiosity is good for an intern

Remember, your unpaid or paid internship lasts two months or more. Learn about how their business is executed or anything related campus ambasador. Ask questions. Try to be proactive during online meetings. You are there for one reason – to learn and become industry ready. Everything outside your project is an open area and should not avoid at all costs. 


Final words

We hope not, the truth is that your online internship is a valuable investment in time and effort for you and the company. You are there so you can go beyond the tidy worldview of books and see how business is conducted in the real world. At the same time, the company expects you to have a fresh perspective and a different approach to the problem. And your mentor lives to facilitate this mutually beneficial relationship.

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