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Top Marble Supplier in Delhi

20 Dec

Top Marble Supplier in Delhi

Best Marble Supplier in Delhi 

Pedra Marmol is one of the Marble Supplier in DelhiPedra Marmol is engaged in sourcing of exotic Natural Marble and manufacturing high quality Semi Precious Stone Slabs & Gemstone Slabs and supplying Indian Granite.

We also customize countertops as per your requirement in our premises.

Pedra Marmol is your convenient destination where luxury meets budget. It provides you the best marbles at the right budget, it is a very big marble manufacturers company in Delhi.

We believe in providing our clients with natural marbles at the best prices. Marble Supplier in Delhi we understand the value of your money and time, so we use the most productive methods to give you the best.

Our goal is for our clients’ homes to be a reflection of their family, so we approach our work with the utmost perfection and detail.

We can carry out large projects together and guide our clients in what they do for them, not only to help them better understand the construction process, but also for their investment.

Our selection of stones may seem overwhelming, but our experienced staff knows exactly what stones you need.

We offer an assortment of colors and designs to suit your needs. Marble Supplier in Delhi Our experienced supervisory staff conducts strict quality control at each production site.

From sorting to assessing each piece and discarding those that do not meet the highest standards. Material quality is checked during the material input and output process in each machine.

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Why we’re Different

  • Budget Friendly
  • Expert Guidance
  • Superior Quality
  • Best Marble/ Stone Collection

What Type of Marbles?

Exotic Marble:- 

Exotic Marble is a top natural stone that comprises recrystallized carbonate minerals known as calcite or dolomite. Since marble is porous, it makes marble softer; as compared to other natural stones. The aesthetically pleasing beauty is one of the most desirable natural stones for interior design. Due to its alluring patterns, it can turn any ordinary space into a work of art. Exotic Marble Company in Delhi is a type of marble that has spots and veins of different colors such as purple, brown and gray. Natural marble is a best choice for bathroom counters, kitchen equipment, fireplace surrounds and outdoor kitchen counters.

Following are the Products of Exotic Marble:- 

Statuario Marble:-

Looking for a top and high-quality marble? Statuario Marble Texture is perfect for indoor and outdoor applications including flooring, countertops, and more. Buy premium top Statuario Marble wholesaler from delhi. This is an extra different stone with wonderful grey and gold veining and an attractive, formidable pattern. This marble is taken into consideration to be one of the most important white stones. Statuario marble capabilities heavy, formidable grey veining combined with skinny patterns.

Onyx Marble:-

Natural Onyx Marble is a unique and opulent stone that gives an exquisite and breathtaking finish to your interiors. This stunning stone is a popular choice due to its deluxe nature and gorgeous colors. A Onyx Marble Supplier in Delhi has a regal and elegant effect on the appearance of your abode.

Following are the Products of Onyx Marble:-

Honey Onyx:-

Honey Onyx is a beautiful beige brown onyx with variable colours, textures and veins. Parts of this stone are semi-translucent and the material is ideal for illuminating a bathroom sink. Soothing shades of silky ivory, cream and light brown are illuminated by mysterious streams of buttery hues that enhance this gorgeous Onyx. Honey Onyx has a soothing blend of golden hues that seem to shimmer and dance in place.

Pink Mountain Onyx:- 

Pink onyx is a natural stone, Pink Onyx Marble is beautiful and looks amazing after finishing all the finishing touches, the marble can be used as wall cladding, bar top, fireplace surround, sink base, light home flooring. Pink Onyx is ideal for creating a soft, clean and pleasant atmosphere that radiates peace and well-being. This bubblegum beauty with subtle streaks of amber is perfect for creating a stunning backlit onyx stone wall. Pink Onyx is also particularly good for countertops, sinks, bathtubs and other decorative design projects.

Exclusive Granite Marble:-

Are you looking for Best Imported Granite in Delhi? Granite Marble is an incredible natural stone and is one of the oldest rocks and comprises minerals such as quartz and feldspar. Marble Supplier in Delhi Granite is popular for its availability and affordability. There are many types of Granite available on the market; however, each has its unique charm. We source the Granite from Brazil, Greece, and India; they come in several styles and colors.

Following are the Products of Exotic Marble:- 

Patagonia Granite:-

Patagonia Granite Quartzite is a striking stone with backlit homes perfect for countertops & wall cladding, sourced from Brazil. It is one of the maximum prized kinds of Granite.

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