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Top Spinning Can Manufacturers in India

27 Oct

Top Spinning Can Manufacturers in India

The Indian textile industry is growing at a rapid pace. The easy availability of both man-made (i.e., synthetic) fibres as well as natural fibres in the country serves as a major driver of this growth. Favourable government initiatives, like the production-linked initiative (PLI) scheme and the creation of mega textile parks, are also providing momentum to the accelerated growth of this sector. With the proliferation of textile manufacturing, the demand for high-quality sliver cans – that are required in practically all spinning stages – is going up as well. For any spinning can manufacturer company, the focus has shifted towards coming up with sliver handling solutions that ensure optimal yarn quality.

Here are the top manufacturers and suppliers of quality-assured spinning cans in India:

1. Conitex India

For close to four decades, Conitex has been constantly striving to deliver value to the textile & packaging sector. Based out of the US (North Carolina), the company currently has as many as 13 strategically located manufacturing plants across the world (including one at Pune, India). The company started manufacturing industry-standard spinning cans in 2004 – to go with its other products in the textile portfolio.

The standard-grade HDPE sliver cans designed by Sonoco-Conitex come with state-of-the-art fittings, casters and overall hardware setup. Customisations in can height and/or diameter are done as per the precise spinning requirements in mills. The cans have assured anti-static properties, and they do away with risks of product snagging. The high dimensional accuracy of Conitex spinning cans is also a major advantage.

The usability of the custom sliver cans from Conitex is at par with the best. A complete range of cans – for draw framing, carding, roving, combing & more – are supplied by the company. These spinning cans are compatible with the latest card coiling machines, airjet systems, as well as open-end spinning machines. Can maintenance and repair, as and when required, is done – and all requisite accessories are available too.

2. Jumac Cans

Jumac Cans started its operations back in 1974. Since then, it has constantly gone from strength to strength – and currently, the company is one of the top spinning can manufacturer companies in India. The company has a steadily growing global presence too – with top mills across 28+ countries using Jumac spinning cans to ensure excellence in yarn production.

Living up to its billing as the founder-member of the widely respected ‘Fogla Group’, Jumac brings a seamless combination of speed, skill and scale to its operations. HDPE spinning cans – of diameters varying from 225 mm to 1200 mm – feature in the portfolio of Jumac, along with the entire range of pre-checked, quality-optimised accessories. The sliver handling and management systems manufactured by Jumac boost sliver loading capacities and overall spinning efficiency levels.

Openness to innovation has always been a hallmark of Jumac’s operations. Be it the specialised perforated and bump press cans, or the XL 1200 cans with additional sliver capacity, or the breakthrough Smart Can mobile application – the company looks to ease service concerns (and make spinning processes smarter) for its customers worldwide. At the upcoming ITME 2022 Noida event, Jumac is all set to unveil its newest innovation – the JI cans series.

3. Rimtex

Through regular R&D and data-driven operations, Rimtex eliminates all possible uncertainties and damage risks during material handling at mills. The spinning solutions delivered by the company meet world-class standards – and that’s precisely why Rimtex has been successful in building a robust presence in more than 57 countries. Over the years, the company has become synonymous with ‘intelligent spinning’.

The advanced mechanical strength and durability of Rimtex spinning cans, together with the performance consistency assurance, ensure easy availability and maneuverability. As a responsible spinning can manufacturer, the company uses zero-tilt springs in its cans – for greater stability and uniform movements, particularly during high-speed spinning operations. The entire product range of Rimtex is manufactured in-house, and stringent production quality parameters are adhered to.

Over the years, Rimtex has – through its series of customised solutions and innovation – ensured stronger, better sliver management, for the generation of finer yarns. With an amalgamation of usability, data science and flexibility, the company has come up with high-utility products – like the WizCan, Ash Cans, and the latest Sumo Cans. The products are compatible with all renowned spinning machinery OEMs, and are instrumental in ruling out common sliver imperfections. The best spinning can solutions – that’s what Rimtex offers.

4. CanSpin

CanSpin has emerged as a reliable and widely trusted manufacturer of high-performance sliver cans and related accessories for spinning operations. At its Gujarat plant, the company has an annual production capacity of ~300000 cans – making it one of the largest sliver can suppliers in the country. The sliver management and transportation solutions from CanSpin come with excellent lifecycles, strong machining properties, and spring load accuracy.

The spinning cans from CanSpin – available in different diameters and colour options – find usage in the different stages of spinning (including open-end spinning processes). In addition, the company also manufactures fluff-free, dust-free caster wheels for smooth sliver mobility on the mill floors, and specialised trolley cans for bobbin storage and transportation. The ergonomic design of CanSpin products do away with chances of sliver damage at any phase.

A lean, agile manufacturing technology, that puts quality first, is followed by the technical experts at CanSpin. This, in turn, enables the company to maintain high delivery reliability levels – and ensure optimal capacity utilisation. From Trutzschler, Marzoli and Rieter, to Saurer, LMW & more – spinning cans from CanSpin can be used with all spinning machinery brands.

5. Puja Cans

Ever since its inception in 1991, Puja Cans has diligently worked its way towards becoming a trusted manufacturer and supplier of sliver cans (card cans in particular). In addition, the company also supplies customised coiler cans, trolleys, and other related components & accessories. Constantly upgrading yarn quality levels through innovation – and maintaining customer-first operations – have always been the mantra of growth for Puja Cans.

Both box-type and pantograph springs are used in the spinning cans designed by Puja Cans. Fluff-free ball-bearing and single-wheel caster wheels – in 60mm/80mm diameter range – are available, along with GI and stainless steel top & bottom rings. The springs used in these cans are specially heat-treated, to ensure enhanced performance, better resistance properties, and minimal effects of mechanical fatigue.

Over the years, Puja Cans has been constantly able to maintain the best possible combination of people, process and technology. The company has several prestigious product patents in its kitty – underlining its commitment towards innovation and quality. Regular inspections are conducted at every stage of can manufacturing – and due customisations are done to meet the ever-evolving needs of the spinning industry. The transparent operations of Puja Cans also contribute to its success.

In addition to the above, Neelkanth Cans also features among the leading spinning can manufacturer companies in India. Together, these companies are constantly exploring the boundaries of innovation and technology, in their bid to build a strong & consistent sliver handling ecosystem. The Indian textile sector is all set to breach the $500 billion mark (with the requisite push from the government) by the end of 2025 – and demand for customised spinning machinery and sliver cans will continue to surge in the foreseeable future. These are exciting times for everyone involved in this sector, as India continues to cement its place as a major global player in this domain.

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