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Using an Unpaid or Paid Internship To Network

02 Jan

Using an Unpaid or Paid Internship To Network

Offline or online internships are gateways to personal and professional growth. You discover new skills, get hands-on work experience, and further determine your career path. But internships are also great networking opportunities.

You can meet many people who can drive your career forward and help you thrive in your personal life. However, using a work-from-home internship

 to network professionally demands intention and strategy. Here’s how to connect meaningfully with people and make the most out of your remote internship as a networking opportunity.


1. Make the Best Internship Choice


You’ll have a much better networking experience with your online internship program if you make sure it’s the right choice to begin. It’s challenging to grow relationships in an environment where you aren’t confident. On the other hand, when you choose an internship in a start-up that welcomes interns and is prepared to help them flourish, developing great relationships through networking is seamless. 


2. Find a Mentor 

Stepping into an online internship program can be intimidating. From not knowing anyone to taking on work you may not be familiar with to wanting to make a good impression, it can be a lot of pressure. As a result, many interns fail to take full advantage of their opportunities.

That said, exploring a mentor at your workplace can be helpful. They can be a huge source of support and guidance through your work-from-home internship experience. 


4. Ask for More Responsibility 

You can fast-track the growth of your network through your unpaid or paid internship by asking for more responsibility. The more responsibility you take on, the more interactions are facilitated, thereby making networking more impactful.

Hop on the opportunity when your manager or another company leader asks for volunteers for a project or task. Even if your manager isn’t actively looking for interns who want to take on more responsibility, it shouldn’t stop you from asking.


5. Get To Know Colleagues

Many interns spend the majority of their time networking with upper management. However, they’re missing a giant opportunity to build professional connections when they don’t focus on creating relationships with employees and fellow interns.

Learning their communication style is essential to gauge whether or not the culture is a good fit. Also, networking with them now will keep you top-of-mind when they advance to a hiring position. 


6. Meet Someone New Mind

It’s easy to interact with the same people daily because you’ve grown close and comfortable with them. However, the whole point of networking is to meet new individuals. Moreover, you might find new interests and get knowledge of that domain. Therefore, converse with many people during your unpaid or paid internship.



Using an online internship program to network professionally is a brilliant idea. Be sure you’ve chosen the right internship opportunity. Then, use the rest of the tips above to develop meaningful relationships through networking and make the most out of your internship experience. 


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