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What full-stack development is?

13 Sep

What full-stack development is?

The term “full-stack developer” has probably been used by knowledgeable co-workers or on tech forums if you’ve been thinking about a career in coding.

The question is, what precisely does a full stack developer do?

Or to put it another way, full-stack developers are the Swiss Army Knives of the development world. These clever people can effortlessly transition between development environments since they are experts in a variety of programming languages.

Full-stack developers are driven by an intense curiosity; they must understand how and why each feature functions in addition to simply knowing that it does.

Who are Full Stack developers?

A full-stack developer is someone who works on both the front end and back end of a web application. The front end is in responsible of the website’s visual appeal, while the back end is in charge of the architecture and logic that runs the site.

Let’s examine “front end” and “back end” in further detail.

Front end developers-

A web page’s logo, search bar, buttons, general layout, and user interface were all created by front-end developers. Front-end developers are in charge of determining the look and feel of the website.

Front-end developers need to make sure that the website looks good on all platforms (phones, tablets, computer screens). It is known as responsive web design.

Back-end developers-

It is the area of the programme that the user did not see. The logic of the website, the creation of servers, the operation of databases, and the use of APIs are all the responsibility of back-end developers (Application programming interfaces).

For instance, the client-side might create the content and design of a form while the server-side handles the processing of user-submitted data (back end)

Skills you require as a full-stack web developer:

  1. Proficient in HTML and CSS
  2. Skilled in JavaScript
  3. Know about the different Databases like SQL, MySQL, PostgreSQL, MongoDB
  4. Detailed knowledge of Back end languages
  5. Proficient in Testing and debugging skills:
  6. Must have Problems solving abilities


You will comprehend What is full-stack web development and why its demand is increasing by looking over the mentioned above.

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