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Survival Tips on Online Internship Program

25 Jan

Survival Tips on Online Internship Program

While some companies had to cancel their offline internship programs in light of the pandemic, many found a way to go virtual. The recent National Association of Colleges and Employers report revealed that 42% of respondents were shifting their interns to  an online internship program.


How does work from home internship looks like?


The work-from-home internship has its ups and downs. The most challenging part of a virtual internship is finding a good workplace. Therefore, finding a workplace to focus on can be easy by changing that specific area with some professional settings. With professional settings, I mean enough light, tables, chairs or posters with motivational quotes and more.  

For interns, unpaid or paid internships can be difficult because they have missed the working corporate office. No worries, the above tips can be included to make you productive. 

One of the best things about working from home is not having to commute daily. It’s nice to shut my laptop when my day is over and not worry about sitting in traffic on the way home. 


What’s the best way to network virtually?

It may sound old school, but the best way I’ve been able to network virtually has been through email. You have to be attentive throughout your online internship program. The reason is to email different members and teams across the organization to maintain coordination. Many people stated that it was easier to meet other employees “face-to-face” during meetings.

Even though you are doing work from home internship with a stipend, you will get in touch with many experienced professionals in your firm. Take the first step to start the conversation and build rapport. 


What is the most critical advice for interns starting an online internship program?


Stay organized. Whether you keep a daily planner, a calendar on your wall, or utilize the notes section on your phone, it’s essential to keep track of important milestones. Moreover, these habits built during your unpaid or paid internship program will help you to survive in the corporate world.

One of the best things an intern told me to do was to block out the Outlook calendar for the time dedicated to projects and personal or professional development. The motive is to let your coworkers know that you’re busy and may not respond as quickly to quick messages and emails for the time being. It’s so much easier to complete your tasks if you’re laser-focused for a specific period and not trying to break up your work throughout the day.


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