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What is content marketing in digital marketing

09 Mar

What is content marketing in digital marketing

Digital marketing is all about connecting with your audiences on the internet. Content marketing is one of the great ways marketers have discovered to communicate with their audience.

In the evolving digital landscape, many individuals and organisations competing for the attention of online users wonder how digital and content marketing blend together. To understand how content plays a vital role in digital marketing, get your hands on the online course certification from Unschool. It is an e-learning platform for students to become the best versions. Moreover, it also offers “Become A Content Writer and Get Paid For Writing” to give you a brief insight into the domain. 


So, what does content marketing mean in marketing? Let’s take a closer look at content marketing and then see how it fits into the digital realm.


What Is Content Marketing?


We hear that content is king, but what does content marketing involve at its core? Content marketing is another method of supplying information to customers and audiences, but it serves many goals within digital marketing. In simple words, content marketing is the creation of informational, educational, or entertainment materials and their distribution via different online networks.

Above all, content marketing should push the reader to some decision. A CTA, or call to action, is usually found at the end of any piece of content. Moreover, it also serves some goals. It is quite common for businesses to use their content to raise awareness of their brand. At the same time, others use it to establish themselves as thought leaders in the industry by sharing insights they’ve gleaned from their work. 

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How Is Content Marketing Different From Digital Marketing?


Before the dawn of our digital landscape, there may have been a much more significant distinction between these two terms. Today, the difference comes down to how technical you want your language to be. Content marketing is a straightforward technique for using content, while digital marketing is a catch-all term for any online promotion. A type of digital marketing that might not directly fit into content marketing would be paid advertising for your website or services. 


Therefore, most content marketing will be digital marketing, but the inverse will not always be true. If that needs to be clarified, don’t worry. If anyone at your company is getting bogged down in the minute details and asking, “Is content marketing different from digital marketing?” you can assure them that it is essentially the same thing. Moreover, you can enroll in online courses with certificates to know the difference between them.


Is Content Marketing Part of Digital Marketing?

Yes! As we have already mentioned above, content marketing is more of a digital marketing technique. This connection has, for some, still caused more confusion than clarity with common questions like “Is content marketing only digital?” or “Is content marketing also digital marketing?” The digital aspect of content marketing is quite manifold. The article you are reading is one of the most common forms of content marketing. Video content has also flashed in recent years as TikTok was one of the easier and more unique ways to relate with your audience in short and to-the-point videos.


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We hope this article has cleared up any confusion or answered all your burning questions about digital content marketing.

The primary purpose behind content marketing is, like any marketing, to generate leads and drive sales. Unschool offers jobs with a digital marketing certificate to help you get into this domain. Apply now!.

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